Friday, June 29, 2012

Project Plan(s) Proposals

Idea 1

Idea 1 will focus on helping the students learn the history and key ideas focusing on constellations and galaxy formation/motion.
How do I plan to implement transparency.
  • The students will do a number of activities to help model constellations and learn some of the common constellations.   Students will upload images from their constellation activities into their Final Product Blog (they will use eBogger - we have an Googles apps for all students).  Some examples would be:
    • 3-D Constellation
    • Constellation Cookies
    • Creative Skywheels.
  • The other major level would be the final products. The students will create a Glogster on their assigned constellation.  The Glosters they create will be linked on Moodle and on the Final Project Blog.
Access:  Students (classwide); Parents; Administration; final Glogsters will be featured on the class webpage (community & world)
Reverse Teaching
  • All content on constellations will be found on the web and viewed through podcasts and web based resources. I will provide in-class activities and group discussions to help reinforce the concepts.
  • In the past I have demoed all the tech programs.  I am planning on creating instructional tutorials (or find) on Glogster & eBlogger.  The students will learn how to use these resources through these tutorials and resources with time to practice and refine their techniques.

Idea 2

Idea 2 focuses on the learning key concepts associated with the moon, lunar travel and lunar history.  I plan to use Moonbase Alpha for this.
  • Students will post their progress on how successful they are with their missions through the blog.  They will use screenshots to help validate their posts.  The lesson plan questions will be answered here.
  • Students will create their final moonbases and reports using Glogster. They will build their moonbase using Google Sketchup. The links to the glogs will be looked to the class Moodle and their blog.
Access:  Students (classwide); Parents; Administration; final Glogsters will be featured on the class webpage (community & world)
Reverse Teaching
  • The students will learn how to play Moonbase Alpha through tutorials and the use of the instruction manual.
  • The students will learn how to use sketchup through the use of tutorials and guided activities.
  • The students will access information about the moon and moonbases through video tutorials, web resources and podcasts.

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  1. Remember to figure out the logistics of who will do what (and how to publish)