Thursday, October 25, 2012

Using Blogs...

I have used individual Blogs with my students this year for more transparency.   It does work but there is a bunch of setup stuff you have to make sure you do.

  1. Make sure comment moderation is on
  2. Make sure you get rid of Tool bar across their blogs
  3. Make sure kids know how to post pics, vids, and content (so not boring)
  4. Make them actually tell WHAT they did... not "WE Blogged" or "Mr. Kelley talked" 
Check out the blog... I have the students listed on the side.

* As year goes by I am going to have their Parents comment and get more interaction with the kids blogs.


  1. Thanks for the tips.
    How much time does it take to look at all the blogs?

  2. What I do is put their blogs in my Google Reader. Then when I look at their blog on the Reader list only goes to "black" after they have posted a new post. *At this point the blog is more for them to create one and get experience then content. A good way to get them to worry about the blog is to have other kids, schools, and parents to comment on them.