Friday, August 2, 2013

So... now done the first book... what did you think of it?

Would you recommend I use it next year?    Did it fit the concept we were watching?


  1. I liked Crawford's unique perspective on life and all of the different experiences he shared with the reader. He definitely made you think about what goes on inside our student's heads and what hooks them in vs. driving them away. I did feel as though it was redundant at times and a bit wordy to get his point across. But overall, it was a good balance to the typical education books/articles we read.

  2. I felt there were times I could relate to Crawford because of how similar his job is to my boyfriend's and also relating his ideas to teaching. I liked that he included stories and quotes from others. There were times where I had to re read a page or paragraph because I started zoning because of his wordiness. I felt like a student because I was like "okay the main point of this paragraph is______" just to make sure I was still following him. I definitely enjoyed his perspective because he is not a teacher, but his ideas were relatable to teaching. He had some good, valuable, educated points that made me really think about me in teaching and my personal life.