Monday, September 30, 2013

Lindsay's Project- Student Perspective

Hi Everyone-- I made another movie that shows you how I am being transparent with my students and doing some reverse teaching. As I say in my video, Educate is all ready to go on my end, but it isn't launching for students and parents until Friday. I have been conferencing with all my learners and showing them the pathway and the resources as much as possible. They also have all these artifacts in paper form and are tracking their learning "old school". 


  1. It is interesting to watch the video thinking how this is what we talked about. I am curious how flexible this program / format will be. Is it really teacher to student driven with parents checking in? or anything outside of that program. Will these become "Data Silos" where their work and content are only in this program and when they leave.... cool thanks!

  2. The program is new and I'm exciting/hopeful that I'll be able to structure it in a way that works for me. The creator, Scott Bacon, also works very closely with the Maine Cohort for Customized Learning and is very receptive to feedback. We've told him things don't work quite right for us and he's done a good job trying to fix them. Both the students and parents have an interface that looks sort of like Facebook. They can see any updates we add, a course calendar, and all scores, and send messages to use and their child. We've used Moodle in the past and parents are always asking for resources, but they can't access Moodle so we needed to tell them that they needed to have their student login. I think this will be much better.

    So far, we've been told that all the data will be stored internally. I'm not sure what's going to happen when these students approach graduation. It'll make a great digital portfolio, but what else? I'm sure parents will start questioning it as soon as we use it more.

    1. Maybe that is a "Senior Project" having them liberate their data to a digital portfolio.. I like the idea of making this look and interface like facebook.

  3. After it opens to students, I am going to try to get a student login and make a screencast of how they navigate and track their learning through the program.