Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cathy Atwood Project Proposal

Digital Portfolios
I want to implement digital portfolios for the students of the Brewer Community School. I think that reflecting on the work they do will help them see what they are learning and apply it differently.  I am planning on having them use google sites and it will be contained within our google apps so that I won’t have concerns about safety. It can be seen by their teachers and should be able to be shared with parents. I want to have them link the work they have in their portfolios to the Common Core standard it applies to as well as to the reflection they write on their work.
I intend to use many different kinds of media for them to showcase their work including videos as well as photos.
There will be new skills they will need to learn especially as 7th graders new to laptops. I intend to have them make video casts to show other students, from this year or future years, how to do things.
I have talked to several other teachers on my team and they are willing and excited to work on digital portfolios as well.

 This will be an ongoing project and I will consider it done when students graduating from Brewer High School have a digital portfolio that showcases their learning for their school years.  

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  1. Remember to allow them to post work in a variety of different formats.

    One issue is teachers some times get caught up in "How" the work is digitized and almost get frozen in that idea. You can always just use a digital camera and take a picture of the work. Students can add text with the picture or a sound recording.

    Don't worry about how it is digitized just have them do that. *Kids now are used to doing this and most work is starting out that way