Monday, August 8, 2011

Kennedy Project Proposal

I apologize for this being late, but I've just had the last of my house guests leave and then my computer died and I had to buy a new one. I am loving my new Mac Mini though!

I've gone back and forth several times for my project, and I'm still not clear on the expectations at my new job and what my schedule will be like so it has been hard to really get into something, but I think I have at least the start of something that I will see through.

I would like to have the students do current events on their own. I don't think we will have time to really go in depth about them during regular class time so I will have them create their own current events virtual notebook. They can create it in Google, iWeb, Noteshare, etc. We will determine the requirements and the grading together as a class. They will have to find the required articles on their own and comment on them based on the requirements we set up. They will be on their own to determine how to present the information and will have to troubleshoot their own issues within whichever platform they choose. I will have periodic check-ins as the trimester goes and then the entire product will be due at the end of the trimester. If it works well, I will do it again for the next trimester.

For the transparency part of the project I plan on keeping a class blog and website so that parents can see what we are doing in both social studies and ELA classes.

So that's that!

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  1. The value of the project maybe enhanced if they found the cross link to other information. So their current events would be cross linked. You can use tagging or a Google Map to lead from point to point visually.

    As soon as the job solidifies try to repost what you want to do.