Sunday, November 6, 2011

Calling All Students!

We are getting close to end..... I need to have grades in by Thanksgiving.

So please post of what you have/are doing with links to your blogs and websites.

I would really appreciate some feedback on the content, course, teaching style or anything else you want to say.

I am going to send next years class to this blog so give them a heads up of what the course was to you so they will have a better understanding on if they should pick it or not.

I would love feedback on things you would do differently.

* I will be adding to my course I just recently purchased a 3d Wood Carver.  That will be used next year to bring our virtual 3d world (Sketchup) to the real world.

* Please schedule the feed backs to post after end of this month.  That way any new post will go to class we are doing now.

Lastly,  I do need to hear from all of you... I want to hear about the issues as well.  This is part of being transparent and flipping the script.  

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