Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Final Report

Hi everyone. Rounding the corner and heading into the final straight away. I am up to my neck in projects, so it is going to be a race to the finish of this semester. To remind everyone, I chose to focus my final project on developing training materials and creating a help website for Tk20. Right now, my training materials are being put to the test as students and faculty need to fulfill their Tk20 requirements. A number of troubleshooting issues have arose, mostly revolving around Tk20 account activations. So the last several weeks have been spent developing protocols for how to address a variety of scenarios where people can't log in. First we need to identify whether or not they are in an applicable program that is required to participate in Tk20. In most instances, it is a quick fix and people just need to be walked through how the log in process. In a few cases, accounts were never activated. Since we are still in the implementation stage, Tk20 is handling all the account management themselves. The results of which means that our hands are a bit tied and we often can't find quick answers and need to send several emails back and forth before we can resolve an issue. Luckily, there seems to be very few issues so far. In addition to working on troubleshooting issues, I also developed several new help guides to be included in the FAQ section. These help guides are intended to head-off potential problems and walk students and faculty step-by-step through how do some basic troubleshooting in the case that things don't go as intended. The goal of the guides is so people can resolve any issue they are having on their own with ease. I am pretty pleased with how everything has unfolded thus far. I found that I actually rather enjoy providing training and helping people with solving any problems. Even though I am only assigned to work on Tk20 for 10 hrs a week, I find myself working on it throughout the week, including nights and weekends. Perhaps it is because I took the lead on developing most of the training materials and feel responsible for any problems that may arise. Hopefully, we will have a smooth ending to the semester, but I anticipate that it might get a little crazy during the next few weeks. I will do a follow up after the semester ends to let you have how we made out. I enjoyed reading about everyone else's projects and I hope you have a great rest of the term. Good luck!


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