Monday, July 2, 2012

Tranparency and Reverse Teaching in Read 180

Tranparency and Reverse Teaching in Read 180

Scholastic's Read180 is a structured program that is intended to increase vocabulary and background knowledge with the intent to improve comprehension. I have 90 minutes with each group of students and a very tight 20 minute rotating instructional model. To incorporate transparency and reverse teaching into my classroom would be challenging, however very doable. My classroom would be transparent to parents, teachers, administration, and the community. A huge part of Read180 is the Next Generation software that students use to enhance their reading skills. I want transparency that will allow others to observe the power of technology in the classroom.
Making my classroom available to parents, outside of the traditional parent/teacher conferences or student led confernces. Google Sites would be my avenue for building a parent friendly classroom website. The website would give parents access to a teacher profile, teacher contact information, assignments/due dates, classroom notices and a school calendar.
Building an ePortfolio for students to share with other teachers and their parents would be essential to my transparent classroom. I would create a folder in Google docs where students could upload their work and photos of work that isn't in a digital format, much like Mr. Domonick does with his high school math students.

Reverse teaching may be slightly more complicated in the Read 180 environment. My thought is to create concept videos that students could watch at home or that could be played during our whole group instruction. Students could view the videos and then work to apply the knowledge, going back to the video for refresher if needed. I would be managing the classroom but students would be making mistakes and learning from them as they applied the concepts.

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  1. I am curious if any of the Read 180 has any transparency or reverse teaching in it?