Thursday, July 26, 2012

Remember we are Asynchronous....

As we have begun posting I see some of you have become concerned about the time line.

Life, vacations and technology some times get in the way of making a post or comment.

Remember we are not doing this like the tradition classroom.  That model is I play sage on the stage, send you home with a homework assignment, then you regurgitate the work.  We wait a few days... then I give you a test so you can tell me the exact answer I already know, so you can forget it immediately.

In that setting every thing is done in the classroom setting.   Lets think of this model...

Normally once I send you off with the assignment I can't contact you or interact, however, with this format we can email, video conference, or blog at any time.

I actually get more interact then the normal setting.   For instance, a bunch of you have emailed me outside of the time frame you were supposed to.  Why shouldn't this count?

The blog and reading section is for us to share ideas on the reading and how it affects us.  That is a unique set of information only YOU can provide.   Each one of you has a different subject, age group, background, and circumstances that gives the rest a different insight on the reading.

I am more worried THAT you comment rather then WHEN you comment.   The only reason we have a time line for the chapter is so we all have a starting point to comment from.

So no worries on when..... I only want to you make sure you do.

This does require YOU check the comments on your post at a later date so you can read and post rebuttals or more info if needed.

On the management side...
The blog helps me with this.  I can see who has or hasn't posted.  I can use drafts for making notes.  I can edit a post (for example I did a little editor just fixing a spelling on Martha's but not changing content) Logistically I have tried to post something in between each on of your Chapter Post.

Remember what we are doing is not only about the reading and discussing the info we find from it, but seeing how it is done....

The Great Oz has spoken... pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

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