Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mike's Project (Students are doing)

Well I've officially hit a huge snag in the road to completing this project. Google SketchUp is not on the students netbook image and there isn't either a.) time b.)time c.)time to load SketchUp onto the image of 83 student netbooks.

SO...what I think I'm going to do is have them do a research project on a specific plate boundary and either through my FirstClass website OR blog I'll load pictures, videos, and the actual Google presentations of their research (or at least a few of them for size constraints).

What I need to know is this something that is okay? If it is I should be good to execute the project.


  1. Would you project work as a "group" effort? you could get it loaded on a few systems (of groups of 3) Also Google can be used at home as well. (I know this may not work for all students) BUT THIS IS PART of the "transparent, reverse" teaching classroom. Weave and Bob Weave and Bob. Some times you have to change what you are doing. Happens all the time... how you handle this is a great lesson for your students as well. Remember to involve them in the process

  2. Since your kids all have GoogleDocs, you should be able to do a variation of what I'm doing with it. Why not have them create a GoogleSite?