Sunday, October 23, 2011


Our students finally got their laptops on Thursday and I managed to get them all connected to their email and their grades.  Progress reports went home Friday as I began giving my first test of the year.  It has been a crazy one so far!  I did have a students laptop plugged in to the short throw projector that I am learning to use.  It does have a laser pointer that I haven't figured out yet! I have all my students connected to the successnet site that comes with our new text and I think that will be helpful with reverse teaching.  There are tutorials, games and all the instruction in one place that students can access from home.

Now that they finally have their  machines, I can begin to have them set up portfolios.  I have such a sort time to teach that I may try having some create the portfolio in study hall and hope to have it spread like a virus.  I should probably check with our administration to make sure that's OK  but I do intend to have them set the privacy so it is only shared with certain addresses like mine and their parents.  First I will have to get through the effects if the progress reports on the parents who think their child is doing better than they are.  I do really like having an "open" grade book as I find it has a very beneficial effect on my missing assignment list!


  1. I will point out.... as you do this stuff... from year to year it gets easier. I don't have to rebuild pages from last year I have. As I video myself those "Video Tutorials" are available. It is the "Tech Curve" where at very beginning there is more work, but over time using the tech tool gives you more time back then you originally put in.

  2. A video tutorial on how to get from email to your grades would be a big help. I'll have to get a student to make one as soon as I remember which program to use. I know someone who can remind me.