Saturday, September 22, 2012

Plan Update

Just to update on where I am at with my project: Excited to announce that my seventh and eighth graders got their laptops this week! Now we're geared up and ready to go! I've been using my school Google site to update students and parents on what's happening, photos of what we're doing in class, etc. I decided that with some of the projects I did in my video class this summer I'd actually use in my classroom this fall, and they are now posted on our site. I love having these little tutorial videos - cuts down on my "How do I do that?" questions I get 4938204 times a day - just check the video! 
This week, this video will be their "homework" to watch on Monday. A little lengthy, but I wouldn't mind watching a video for homework.

Will keep updating soon! We're working up to Google Sites! Next up though, BLOGGER! :) 


  1. It's a great video! I think the students will like using it and will be motivated to read more. It will be interesting to see if they like writing the reviews. Will the reviews be visible to the public?

  2. This is awesome.... I have tried to keep up with using Quick time screen recorder so when we do laptop stuff in class and I make a student a 'driver" I get that info. Have found it helps quiet the class because they know they are being "recorded".

    Issue I found was I need to stop recording in little chunks because can't upload a full class video.

    Also need to enlarge mouse/screen because hard to see some of the icons. Yours is great! Keep us posted on how they like it..