Sunday, September 30, 2012

Project Update

I am getting close to implementation.  I am going to finalize my Moodle page that explains the initial set up and will have the kids work through the initial set up of their Glogsters. I will have to post a screenshot since its a closed network, though I can grant guest access to anyone who wants to see it.

I tried out a mini-version of this with my one of my other classes and they were able to follow the video instructions and set up their Glogsters with no help from me.  It was a great time saver so we could hit the ground running when they came in.  The students are used to this format though since I use the flipped model for class content.

When I implement this with my target classes I will do my best to record what happens.

On the side. I had my Astronomy class create individual student blogs where they blog about their activities and or lessons.  Its rough this first time through but its a great first step in classroom transparency.  I will share a couple of these as an example.  Still a work in progress and they need to write more but we are learning together and they are doing all the work.

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  1. Reminder to tell your students to turn on comment moderation so that someone can't just automatically post to their blog. Turn it so they have to "approve" a post. I just commented on one of theirs to test this.