Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tech Ed Transparency

For my project, I said "I would like to present the standards and tasks for each unit  in two column charts and post the charts online for students to access."

So far I have set a few units up on a wikispace and added a few tasks. The wiki is The 7th grade agriculture unit has some tasks for the first standard that contain links to the videos that students will watch. It is possible to embed youtube videos on a page in the wikispace so that students stay on the wiki. I like that youtube has a check box to not show suggested videos when the video finishes so there is less possibility of students clicking on a video of a bare breasted woman smoking cannabis while skiing down a mountain slope.
The chart feature on the wiki is difficult to work with. I would like the lines to be darker and to be able to adjust the width of a column. It seems to have limited formatting capabilities.

I made a couple of how-to videos for parts of a 6th grade project that seem to work very well. They have been able to watch the video and then complete that part of the project more successfully than when I have given a whole class demonstration. It is not online at the moment.


  1. That can be the issue... some times I find I have to work around one online tools abilities. For instance, I have had to use a mix of Youtube, blog, webalbums.... can't find 1 that does it all. Youtube lets me do longer videos while embedded videos in the blog have to be shorter.

    Also updates some times mess stuff up.... Google+ now is the default with photos.. which I have to go to a different location to get code and link to put in my blog. And... don't start me on the contant interface changes.

    And where is this video you speak of!! ha ha... actually that is an issue I usually screen grab or use firefox plugin to grab the actually video onto my computer then upload it. This way it can't be changed or lost on me. Also I don't have to have other videos pop up as options. You can make your own You tube channel as well.

    I also put this html code in my blog so there is no header on top that can let kids redirect to other blogs

    style> #navbar-iframe {height:0px; visibility:hidden; display:none;}</style

  2. I had to take out < at start and > at end of the code so it would post.

    Also my aunt does Ag in the Classroom for the State if you want some more info/help.