Thursday, June 23, 2011

Strand Meeting 4 - 3D Prototyping

* if doing this as Independent module please email me completed tutorials
(what is on the right should look like on the left) you can also us Moodle to upload the files

Step 1 - Open Google Sketchup (it is a free download if you don't have it

Step 2 - Please follow first 4 tutorials to under stand basic concept of Sketchup tools

Step 3 - Please do the first 4 tutorials (self paced)

1. Start Drawing Part 1

2. Start Drawing Part 2

3. Start Drawing Part 3

4. Colors and Materials

No if your ambitious you can try to do the Dynamic Components

Now watch this video to understand how you can take the 3d computer based design then create real world application using 3d Printers

then see how some one actually creates an idea from this concept.... now create your own "Car" you can check out some of my students ideas at

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