Thursday, June 30, 2011

As we start posting on the blog... a few points

  • More post / comments better.... there is no "wrong" idea since this is your opinion on reading blogs like content!
  • Try to link/quote were you get your ideas from (whether book or outside sources) value of blogs/internet communication is you can easily link to other content within the conversation.
  • When typing a post / comment keep highlighting and making a copy of it.  Some times you will get kicked off or lose link/connection so I don't want you to lose a nice post
  • Try to comment on others ideas... rather not just have a post without any feedback
  • Try to add images, video, sound... content that enhances your idea/post (not needed when making a comment just in a blog post) to make your post enticing to read
  • You can spell check within posting and you can edit it.  I always find that no matter how well I proof read I will miss things... so feel free to edit / amend a post/comment at later time.  Just point it out if really changes your points.   *remember making a mistake in use/creation of this blog is part of the process.  I would rather have your real voice and mistakes then an artificial fake opinion
  • Remember others can see what you post.... so don't say something you don't want others will see, that doesn't mean you can't give your opinion, but rather then "jan you ignorant slut" (dating myself with that quote from SNL) you can say "jan I don't agree with your opinion because this place in the book or my idea...)

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