Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Student Post - Strand Session 1 - Building a Car

We both chose the red pill which means that we were required to build a moving car out of the parts provided in a bin behind us. Because we chose the red pill, we also had to work without notes, but hey that's us!

First, we took a look at all of the parts provided in the drawers of the bin. Since I (Kate) am not mechanically inclined whatsoever I looked to my partner (Laura) to come up with a design that would work. In fact, at times I just took pictures as I had no idea where to go. In the end, we were moderately successful after 40 minutes of working. We had a frame and the motor semi-attached. We strongly believe that given enough time (maybe the rest of the day) we could've easily completed a car that would have blown away the competition. Too bad that we had to get to work and learn about reverse teaching...

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