Friday, June 21, 2013

Strand Meeting - Setup and Overview

Through the Looking Glass
We will learn about the concept of a transparent classroom by using reverse teaching techniques through hands on activities.  We will start doing what my 5th grade students do by building cars without directions while taking pictures/video for our blogs.

Reverse Teaching
After completion of Tuesdays homework we will learn how to use online tools to show our classroom work and the creation of a hands on projects.  We will build a skateboard for the Skateistan program.

Asynchronous Grouping
We will learn how to create groups using online tools so students have students in groups not in the same class.  We will do this through robotics and online communication tools.

We will learn how to allow students to use online tutorial tools at self paced speed.  We will build 3d prototypes in a virtual world.  We will use a CNC router system to take something we have made in the virtual world and have a machine create it in the real one.

We will bring all this together understanding how to fight off the "God Complex" and start designing our own hands on transparent classrooms that we reverse teach in.

*We will also learn how to communicate with each other through a blog which we will us to provide feedback on our reading assignments


1. First, please make sure you have a Google Account (free) made which will give you access to free online document sharing. (explained below)

2. Once you have created your account please create a blog for this strand.

3. Now you can look at Google Reader (well use this with our classmates to connect later on)

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