Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Today, we experienced what 8th graders do in Mr. Kelley's class.

We started by exploring what SketchUp has to offer. We all worked at our own pace and viewed the interactive tutorials at our own pace. The screen-cast video above is of me completing the "Drawing 2" tutorial. This allowed us to play around, experiment with different tools, and make mistakes without needing to keep up with the instructor or sitting around bored. I am interested in the possibilities that SketchUp could have in the classroom, especially when we are working on Geometry learning targets.

We then worked on prototyping, which took us through the process of creating something digital and then transforming it into a real object with the wood carver or the 3D printer. This was a really engaging morning because we were creating something for an authentic audience. I can definitely see how this would hook learners in and teach them the value of re-working their work until they reach a certain level of quality.

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