Friday, June 28, 2013

Lindsay's Plan

I would like to create a Pathway in Educate for a math unit that has the capacity matrix, tasks, assessment options, video tutorials (made by me), and a list of extra resources all available in one place. A pathway in Educate is a way to show the entire scope of a unit at the beginning and allow learners to personalize their learning progression based on the given learning targets. Teachers, advisors, parents, and students can login at any point and see what learning targets have already reached proficiency and what is the next task. Students can also submit their pieces of evidence electronically so that they are linked and archived to specific learning targets, automatically creating a digital portfolio.
Transparency is acheived through my Pathway because learners and parents will be able to see how every component of a unit helps us achieve the end goal. Learners will also be able to gain independence through reverse teaching by utilizing the resources within the pathway. I will create my own videos/screen-casts that introduce/re-teach material for learners and be available at all times along with other resources I have found (as well as other students have found and student created exemplars). Students will also be able to make informative decisions when it comes to voice and choice because they will be able to see how their choices effect their individual learning progression. Learners will be able to make daily and long-term goals based on the pathway and learning targets.
Parents and learners will be able to login to Educate and see our pathway. Other teachers who have access to Educate will have access to our pathway (I also have access to the public pathways for more resources). Educate is a closed system, so only school districts that have purchased the program have access to the database.

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  1. As we spoke you can screen capture to show us... how this is working for you. *Remember Transparency is for you, your students, your parents and your admin. Not really for the rest of the public... unless there is a need.

    Check with your admin if it is ok for you to screen capture some of your work to show us.... and put on the blog for us to see how its working