Friday, June 28, 2013

Project Plan for Keith's Strand

Plan Project

I am going to start a blog for my students, parents, and even the community to go to. I plan on posting pictures/videos each week to show what my students are learning and to show their work. I also want to import google calendars to keep parents informed/reminded of field trips, units of study, homework, and school calendar. There will be a place for different links/documents for parents and students to access, such as blank reading logs, our schedule, and lesson hints/help.  I want my students to post what they have learned each week. I would rotate them every week to create a post. I also want students to take pictures during the week of their learning to put on the blog. 

Reverse Teaching

I would like to record lessons of me teaching as well as students teaching. This can be used as a way to teach a lesson to the class, a reteaching tool, a way to access my instruction when there is a sub, and for students/parents to access from home. Students will hopefully be involved in the recording. 

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  1. Cool.... I would recommend trying to do 1 project cycle once.