Thursday, July 21, 2011

iBrain Chapter 6 -questionnaires, surveys, battery,

Chapter 6 was a simple read. I found myself analyzing my kids, wife, friends and especially my gadget addicted mother through the questionnaires. I think she's in trouble. I don't know what she would do without her laptop, smart phone, blue tooth, CNN with streaming bar, Direct TV etc. I specifically don't have a generator because I appreciate random times of the year when we are forced to disconnect.


  1. These questions made me laugh.
    My non-verbal communication was okay; I love to hug, I am a great handshaker and when I am angry nobody has trouble telling.

    Self esteem, also okay. Perhaps too okay. Listening, check.

    The attention issues got me. Yes, when I am listening to Sally talk about her new puppy and I see Sammy running through the classroom and wildly waving scissors, I am distracted.

    I am a teacher. I am filling out bus notes, fixing a stuck jacket zipper, talking on the intercom and interacting with a parent simultaneously. Definitely multi-tasking.

    Unwinding, no problem. Garden looks great and I read constantly (Joyce Carol Oates this summer). My sister and I read the same books. We Skype book discussion every Friday night. (Ohh... technology is creeping in!)

    Finally, I scored pretty well on the tech skills and my grasp of technologies. (Internet phoning? Is that like VOIP?)

    Great chapter!

  2. I too faired pretty well with the quiz. Phew! I feel relieved now!

  3. I got a perfect score for e-mail expertise but did less well with other internet communication skills because I don't text or instant message. I was fine with all the other skills. And I could text message if I was willing to pay for it! Does chatting on facebook count as instant messaging? Probably.
    I am a relaxed person which is really important I think and I'm not too addicted. I'm not sure I agree with their interpretations of the scores. You could be considered to have a slight problem even if you just did things sometimes. It will be interesting to read the other chapters they referred to to see if it make a difference in how I think.

  4. I find I hate texting.... I actually think if texting came first then phone person to person the kids would think texting is stupid. Actually didn't it with telegraph!

  5. it is interesting because here, calling is free and texting cost more but in Japan calling costs and texting is free. They text a lot so I don't know how that would work.

  6. I am pretty bad at texting and IMing. Mostly because I am a lousy spellar. I find it takes me too long to craft a message. I would rather just call someone. However, with my new phone plan, I have far less minutes and I can't afford to call as much as I used to. I guess it is time for me to make the technological leap, but I have got a long ways to go. It is funny sometimes being in a class with some younger students. I am now 34, but often will have classmates in their 20's. They fire off texts like a machine gun. I think I can get out two words in the time they can write a paragraph.

    I seemed to fare pretty well on the various quizzes. I am looking forward to chapter 7 so I can learn how to pay attention.