Friday, July 8, 2011

Who am I....I'm an ADULT Darn it!!

I thought for many years that my advantage in the High School was that I was closer in age to the students and could better relater to their world. I've slowly started to realize this is not true. I am a Digital Immigrant - I remember going through school when access to computers was limited, most assignments were handwritten, except for final draft of major papers. The Library catalog, reference books magazine/journal databases and the Librarian herself were the primary research sources. But as I read chapter 2 of iBrain, I realized that I'm a hybrid. I grew up in the video game world and as I was reading, I was listening to NPR programing, participating in an online virtual world game, and making lunch - multi-tasking - I can quit if I want to!!! So, yes, I've been hooked on technology for many years, despite immigrant status and my own professed Luddite attitudes.

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  1. I believe some of the supposed "digital natives" have hybrids with in their ranks as well.... they are not all experts. Some times we think they are, but they are not. Being able to run an ipod, xbox, facebook account does NOT mean they can edit audio, program games or interact appropriately in an online medium.