Sunday, July 10, 2011

You learn something everyday!

I just figured out that not only can you upload multiple pictures to a  Picassa Web Album, BUT you can do videos as well.   This will change you a HUGE amount of time.  So you can just upload a whole set of pics/videos and walk away.  Then just link the album to your blog!

You could have albums already linked so you only do this once then just upload it.

For example, Mike and Mrs. M  can give their parents a web based photo album.  It can sit at the grandparents house a link to a Web album so as they baby grows they just upload latest pic to that album and grammy and grandpa see pics automatically.

* I will be trying out the new wi-fi enabled SD cards that automatically connect to a web album... so you won't even need to upload them they will automatically do it on their own.


  1. I picked up an eye-fi card after the conference and it works pretty well. You can have the card load only to the eye-fi software you install on your computer and/or have it load directly to picasa, facebook, flicker, etc... You can also hook the card up to 32 private networks and public hotspots with an upgrade.

    The only thing I've found that I'm not crazy about is the card needs juice to send the pictures which means your camera has to stay on until the upload is complete or you plug the card into your computer defeating the purpose of the eye-fi card. I like it for a few pictures at a time but loading more than 10 takes some time.

    This has only been tried on my home cable network...not my schools which should be faster.

  2. Thanks for the info because I really want to get one!