Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i five

Gary Small is no Daniel Pink.  When I read Pink’s Drive, I agreed with the greater part of it and it changed the way I teach.  iBrain is not having the same effect on me.  I know sources are documented, in a way heretofore unseen by me, in the back of the book, but I really have a hard time accepting much of what is being said.  I agree that technology is changing our society and our way of interacting and getting stuff done, but I am just not impressed with much of what is being said.  

I, too, had to go and see how the “Ten Most Popular Websites” had changed from 2007 to today and I was not surprised that there was a lot of movement.  Blogger and Twitter were new entries and eBay had succumbed to Amazon.  Not surprising really.  

I thought the section on the differences in men and women made men sound like they used the Internet for more serious matters, while women were more social.  Fractured Families just seemed to be a family making poor choices.  I could see a marital split coming if that family didn’t start spending more quality time together.  I would not cook a great meal and accept my spouse not sitting down with the family to eat it.  But I will grant you that my spouse and I drink our morning coffee with separate machines to check mail and news in the morning first thing.  Each to their own I guess.  I am glad we are getting this book out of the way first!


  1. I keep noticing with this book and as I sit typing with local news in background on with a story about Borders Closing everyone assumes it is either one or the other. (now thats a run on sentence) What I find with technology that I get more options not less. The problem is when people believe there is a magic bullet, one device that does it all. An iPad does NOT replace a laptop, a laptop does NOT replace a desktop, etc... So wouldn't that mean that a kindle does NOT completely replace a book?

  2. And that gives us a good reason to own them ALL. Right? I know I do some reading on my itouch but the screen is sort of small. I remember on the original Star Trek that Captain Kirk collected actually books. So I believe books will never be totally replaced. And that is a good thing.

  3. Cathy,
    Because this author is so unconvincing, I have to keep reminding myself that he headed a study at UCLA Memory and Aging Research Center. {erha[s I missed this, but this is what Wikipedia has to say about the study.

    "...While they had read books or performed assigned search tasks their brain activity had been monitored with functional MRI scans, which revealed that both reading and web search utilize the same language, reading, memory, and visual regions of the brain; however, it was discovered that those searching the web stimulated additional decision-making and complex reasoning regions of the brain, with a two-fold increase in these regions in experienced web users compared with inexperienced web users."


    This sounds as though we are using more of our brain.